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Businesses today are often faced with the growing complexity of networks and threats that are becoming ever challenging to stay on top of. Staff numbers and equipment are ever demanding on any SMB.

Detecting threats at the earliest point is crucial when critical and sensitive data is at stake. Usually threats go undetected in networks and by the time they are detected, it is all too late and usually requires extensive man hours and additional resources to remove. At Regal Data, our network security analysts help by preventing the threat from entering with strict procedures and protocols. No longer will the lack of expertise or threat intelligence be obstacles to your network.

Cyber security is a threat to every business, no matter the size. As an Australian provider of Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) Regal Data brings highly customised, cost-effective IT security solutions to protect your organisation. Our personalised approach ensures that you receive the best security expertise, catering to the specific needs of your company 24/7.

Regal Data are professional installers. We have over a decade of experience in Security CCTV installation. With the all the changes in IP security systems, many business struggle to use current technology to its full potential, This where Regal Data excels with over 20 years of networking experience we make the technology work for you not against you. We install commercial CCTV and maintain/support many businesses.
Using state-of-the-art equipment these systems allow for the control and monitoring of cameras, opening and closing gates and doors.
Regal Data provides on and off-site CCTV monitoring services which are practised nationally and internationally, with a strong focus for the corporate / commercial market through the use of remote digital technology and innovation.
Our Security CCTV systems are carefully planned to suit the area and deliver the quality required to maintain the best resolution.We provide tailor made solutions that fit the needs of your business. We only provide the most professional hardware and reliable systems to reduce the risk of call-outs and equipment failure.

We can install covert systems which can be integrated or fully blended into any surrounding, these systems can be temporary or permanent and all requirements will be fully designed and agreed with the client. We maintain your system by configuring performance alerts for early detection of any issues that may occur. We also can schedule professional cleaning of camera len’s and repositioning or relocating a device that suits your needs.